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Patuxent Financial Group (PFG) is a financial planning & advisory firm specializing in financial and estate planning, investment advisory and insurance consulting. The mission of PFG is to empower our clients, both corporate and individual, to think proactively about their financial futures and make the choices they need to achieve their personal or professional financial goals. Our experienced financial planners and consultants are committed to staying in-the-know regarding the newest financial and tax regulations, trends and happenings, ensuring that we can provide our clients the nuanced and knowledgeable insights they require to empower their future. Contact us today to get started.


Patuxent Financial Group provides a range of services that cater to a variety of clients, both individual and corporate. Our team of knowledgeable planners and advisors can offer guidance regarding investments, the management of estates, insurance policies and more. Read below to learn more about the services offered by PFG.


Investment Advisory

You work hard for your money—investments allow your money to work hard for you too. Develop effective investment goals with one of our industry experts.


Financial Planning

Creating a financial plan requires a comprehensive evaluation of your current and future financial position to set goals and predict future cash flows, asset values and withdrawal plans.


Estate Planning

Estate planning is a vital part of any financial discussion in order to ensure a smooth transition of assets and to minimize gift, estate, income and generation skipping transfer taxes so your loved ones are protected and cared for in the years after your passing.


Insurance Consulting

The things that matter most—the life and health of your family, your assets—need to be protected. Receive expert insurance advice at Patuxent Financial Group.

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